Our Rates

Rates per Day

Open June through October

  • Packer               $ 300  (packer fee per 5 pack mules)
  • Pack Mule        $ 150  (approx. 150 lbs/mule, determined by size, bulk and weight)
  • Saddle Horse  $ 150
  • Day Ride:           $ 150

Plan for Your Trip:

  • Be at the Pack Station with your gear READY TO LOAD by 7 am on the morning of your trip.
  • Forest Service permits obtained for clients only.
  • Deposits and payments payable by check or cash only.
  • Parking available for clients.
  • No fires or charcoal above 9,500 ft elevation
  • Bear-proof containers provided for clients.
    Bear-proof containers measure:    28″long x 18″ high x 14″ deep
    (smaller soft-side coolers fit inside)