Our Rates

Rates per Day

Open June through October

  • Packer         $ 200 per day (1 packer per 5 head of mules/mounts)
  • Mule:             $ 100 per day (125-150 lbs/mule)
  • Day Ride:    $ 100 per day
  • Forest Service Fees:  $5/person plus a $6 transmission charge
  • Trip fees payable in advance (check or cash only)
  • You will need to get a fishing license before you come.

Plan for a Trip:

For 2-3 people:  Plan on two  mules, the packer plus two horses each way (unless you prefer to walk in).  This is consistent with the USFS 1.5 people/mule rule.

You need to be at the Pack Station with your gear by 7 am on the morning of your trip.  On the day of your trip out, plan on being picked up in the morning and arriving back at the Pack Station mid-late afternoon.

We loan you bear-proof boxes for your food.

No fires are allowed in the wilderness area.